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(Sept, 23, 2021) 

Hi, I'm Joe Miuccio ,founder of PureSoundPost.com. I've been thinking of creating this site for the past year. I first came up with the idea during the start of the pandemic. Many of my voice over friends did not have home set ups or Source Connect accounts. I personally helped over 20 people set up their accounts and home recording setups. Doing that reminded me of all of my amazing actor friends and of how much I missed recording them in person. Creating this network was a natural next step for me. All my VO friends in one place, away from the evil, noisy, distracting FB. Nice.

Here are a few things that make our community special:

  • Pure Sound Vo is a free private community for both professional and aspiring voice over artists. Yup, it's free. Pretty cool right?
  • Make new friends and connections in a community of like minded individuals, away from the chaos and user profiling of Facebook. 
  • We will never collect or share your data and there isn't even advertising on the site. Yay!
  • Free, inclusive, safe. I'm pretty sure this was the original plan and hope for the world wide web right? Consider it done. Your'e welcome.

PureSoundVO.com is a division of PureSoundPost.com

About Your Host

Joe Miuccio is a NJ/NYC based Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer and Composer. As owner of PureSoundPost.com, he works collaboratively with his clients to help them realize the final sound of their projects. From television and radio commercials, to feature films and web series, Joe has experience mixing across all media platforms. He received a Clio Finalist award for music and sound in 1992 as well as a Mercury award for sound design in 2005. When working as a recording engineer, one of Joe’s strengths is directing talent. Over the years he has recorded hundreds of actors and narrators in English, as well as in over a dozen different languages. Joe has worked with some of the most recognizable celebrities in show business. Oprah, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, George Clooney, Lucy Liu, and Liev Schreiber, just to name a few.